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“The reason for which something is done, created or for which something exists.” – The definition of purpose.
Forget Functional Training, RE:UNION is primarily focused on training the human body with purpose, redefining what it truly means to be functional, active and healthy. By training purposefully you will build a stronger and leaner physique because you will be training the way you were meant and supposed to train, not just throwing exercises together to make you sweat.

Concentrating on the primal movement patterns of the body, the purpose of RE:UNION programs are designed to build you a solid foundation of strength and conditioning, individually tailored to your current level of fitness, and designed to accelerate you towards your chosen goals.

You will build strength on specific days and conditioning on the others, all the while experiencing the always dynamic and the incredibly exciting RE:UNION group training environment, working collectively to build a stronger, leaner and healthier you.

Remember, purpose is the drive that pushes us to action. Here at RE:UNION, we want to strengthen your RE:SOLVE, and RE:ENERGISE your health and fitness potential, RE:DEFINING what it really means to Train with Purpose. We are the purpose to your training program.
The human body is an incredibly remarkable machine, that is capable of so much more than we give it credit for. From the most beautiful ballet, to gravity defying acrobatics, all the way to feats of bar bending strength, to superhuman athleticism and virtually infinite spates of endurance, the body continues to amaze us at what it’s truly capable of. The human being was designed to move.

At RE:UNION, we understand that at the heart of this beautifully engineered organism that we call the human body, lies the simple fundamentals of movement, giving us a remarkable canvas in which to express our true athletic potential. Our training methodology is structured around the key elements of strength and conditioning, drawing principles from science and the sporting world, then purposefully constructing the programs to develop and increase your true functional capacity.

Funnily enough though, with all that we are capable of, we are moving less and less with each decade that passes, living lifestyles and working jobs that have begun to lock us into static and sedentary behaviour. Obesity is at epidemic levels and overall health seems to be on the decline. Our primary goal at RE:UNION is to reverse this process and get everybody up and moving again, reacquainting you with what it means to be healthy, active and moving regularly.

From young to old, male to female, to anyone and everyone in between, the RE:UNION Training model will shape and energise you in ways you never thought possible, all in a fun and exciting personalised group training environment.