Who we are

RE:UNION, Fit for Purpose - The Ultimate Group Training Experience

With over 50 years of experience RE:UNION’s goal is to radically step in and RE:INVENT the whole health and fitness industry, simplifying the process and giving people real purpose and reason to get active. We want to RE:DEFINE the standards, make training enjoyable, and help people look, move and feel fantastic. It’s time to unplug, do away with the unnecessary, and RE:PLACE it with certainty.

People exercise for many different reasons. We find out your goals and we make you Fit for Purpose. Fit for the life you want to live.

We’re evolving – we constantly adapt our methods and exercises to your personal needs.

We want everyone to feel welcome so we create an environment where people feel safe and encourage social interactions.

We have world-class standards and deliver a premium experience. By partnering with the best, we help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

We provide a personal training service and the results that come with it, at an affordable price.

RE:UNION, Fit for Purpose –The Ultimate Group Training Experience